Melbourne Airport Solar Farm Project

Scope of works

The 12.2MW Melbourne airport solar farm is currently under construction on land nearby to the airport, allowing the project to operate as a ‘behind-the-meter’ installation, supplying power directly to the airport’s terminals.


  • Deliver around 17GWh of electricity each year, enough to meet around 15 per cent of the airport’s total electricity consumption.
  • Large enough to power all four of Melbourne airport’s passenger terminals at full output.
  • One of the largest behind-the-meter solar installations in the country. The largest of any airport.

Fast Facts

  • System size 12.2MW
  • Panels 15,022 x Canadian Solar 405W
    14,964 x Canadian Solar 410W
  • Inverters 2 x SMA MVPS-5000
  • Racking Clenergy