NG/E deliver safety, reliability, and technical expertise to provide reliable, end-to-end energy solutions. With broad range of experience in designing, installing, commissioning and monitoring solar and battery systems in Australia. Just in the last 12-month period, we have installed more than 4MW of solar systems for households, businesses and Government bodies.  Our capability extends from design through to overall system maintenance.


Next Generation Electrical

Experts in Energy

In partnership with Beon Energy Solutions

  • Solar PV
  • Battery Storage
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Power Factor Corrections
  • Commercial LED Upgrades

Safe and Reliable

Our company has a strong track record in safety, reliability, affordability and customer satisfaction. We are ISO accredited and CEC accredited and are signatories to the CEC retailer, designer and installer code of conduct.

Project experience

We have experience installing large commercial projects including roof top and ground mounted solar, large battery installations, diesel generation solutions and power factor correction. We are also dedicated to providing residential customers with cost effective solar and battery solutions as well as residential off-grid solutions.

Case Studies

The projects listed are a sample of some of Next Generation Electrical’s recent projects.