Commercial & Industrial Solar Solutions

At NG/E, we’re a national leader in delivering innovative energy solutions. We’re Australia’s leading Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) provider.

We’re proud to be one of Australia’s largest energy EPC partners in the renewable energy space. We’re committed to driving the future of energy with our innovative and sustainable solutions. As leaders in Australia’s commercial solar energy sector, we specialise in delivering cutting-edge solar solutions in Australia designed to enhance energy independence and promote environmental stewardship. We focus on delivering renewable energy solutions, such as solar farms, microgrids, commercial rooftop solar, EV charging infrastructure and battery energy storage.

Rooftop solar

Harness the power of the sun with our state-of-the-art rooftop solar solutions in Australia. NG/E’s rooftop solar systems are not only cost-effective but also designed for maximum efficiency and durability. Each installation is customised to fit your roof’s unique contours and exposure, ensuring optimal energy production and significant reductions in utility costs.

Our systems integrate seamlessly with your existing power infrastructure, providing a smooth transition to green energy. From Crown Casino to LaTrobe University, we’ve partnered with several clients to help businesses actively contribute to lowering carbon emissions. 

EV Charging

Embrace the future of transportation with NG/E’s robust EV charging solutions. Our chargers are compatible with various electric vehicles and are designed for commercial use. We offer various charging options, including fast chargers, dramatically reducing downtime and ensuring vehicles are always ready to go. With NG/E, accessibility to efficient charging stations is never a concern, making it easier than ever to switch to electric vehicles. We’ve partnered with various leisure centres to incorporate electric vehicle charging stations in their car parks.

Ground Mount Solar

Through our work with numerous water authorities in Australia, we’ve designed and constructed a total of 100MW worth of solar farms. Our ground mount solar systems provide a versatile and powerful energy solution for larger-scale applications. Perfect for businesses, municipalities and agricultural use, these solar solutions in Australia are tailored to maximise land usage while optimising solar exposure. NG/E’s ground mount solar installations are known for their robustness and ability to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

Battery Energy Storage

Enhance your energy system’s efficiency with NG/E’s cutting-edge battery energy storage solutions. Our batteries store excess energy produced during peak sunlight hours, making them available during higher demand periods or when sunlight is scarce. This increases the overall efficiency of your solar power system and ensures a constant energy supply, reducing reliance on traditional power grids and minimising your carbon footprint. We’ve worked with tier-one customers, water authorities and shopping centres to fabricate, supply and install numerous battery energy storage systems and generators ranging from 500kW to 10mW to promote energy efficiency.

Utility Services

At NG/E, we excel in providing various utility services tailored to your business needs. We offer metering solutions for precise energy consumption tracking, pole-to-pit/civil works to ensure safe and efficient electricity distribution, LED lighting upgrades to reduce energy consumption and costs and ongoing maintenance and monitoring services to guarantee your systems operate at peak efficiency. By partnering with NG/E, you can trust that your utility services are in expert hands, paving the way for a more sustainable and cost-effective energy future.

Case Studies

Our commitment to excellence is showcased through our diverse portfolio of successful projects. From commercial car parks benefitting from EV charging stations to large corporations utilising our utility services to reduce operational costs and carbon emissions, our case studies demonstrate the tangible benefits of choosing NG/E’s renewable energy solutions.


QIC Smart Connected Solar Program

Location Multiple shopping centres in QLD, VIC and NSW Scope of Works As part of Stage 1, this involved the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of 14MW roof-mounted systems at Robina Town Centre (5.4MW), Grand Central (0.92MW) and Hyperdome Shopping Centre (4.9MW) in QLD and Watergardens Shopping Centre (2.4MW) in VIC. Stage 2 across five shopping […]

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Agility Warehouse (Melbourne Airport)

Scope of Works This installation was apart of the new Agility Logistics warehouse and distribution centre located at Melbourne Airport in the Melbourne Business Park. Scope includes design, supply and installation of 1.78MW rooftop solar PV system with MV inverter that includes a high voltage ring main unit (HV RMU).

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Melbourne Market Authority (Warehouse 7)

Scope of Works design and construct o Solar to the Melbourne Markets – Warehouse 7. Warehouse 7 includes a 4,200 m2 rooftop with 1,110 solar panels providing a capacity of 460.65 kW.

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