Our Approach

As Australia’s leading commercial and industrial energy EPC, NG/E has a proven track record in delivering safe and quality projects, with our heritage being in electrical and construction, ensuring a safety-first approach.

Our team consists of passionate engineers, electricians and energy experts. With our internal delivery, field and engineering team, we approach projects with a strong focus on safety and quality.

Our Core Values

We have each other’s back

The health and safety of the public, stakeholders and ourselves is number one priority. We never prioritise completing the job ahead of performing it safely.

One-page business

We work and operate in a complex industry that evolves quickly; we don’t join in on the complexity internally or externally – keeping it as simple as possible, where possible.

We make it work

Finding solutions for our customers is ingrained in the fabric of our business.

Finding our separation

Encouraging our team and stakeholders to disconnect and find ways to allow our minds and bodies to reinvigorate.

Foster the foundations

Embracing where we come from and acknowledging our journey, while growing and developing our people from the inside.