Melbourne Airport Offgrid Solution

Scope of works

Design, fabrication, supply, installation, testing, & commissioning of a 99kW microgrid, including a containerised battery storage system and backup diesel generator. This innovative solution allowed the water treatment plant (WTP) to avoid costly network augmentation costs while creating ongoing energy efficiencies.


  • An approximate saving of $7m compared to the network connection augmentation works.
  • Operating methodology: Solar array to supply the WTP with excess solar to charge the battery The BESS provide power to the WTP during poor solar generation periods and throughout the night. The generator only operates as a backup to the solar and BESS.

Fast Facts

  • System size 99kW ground mount solar 128kW battery
    110kVA generator
  • Panels 252 x 395w Canadian HiKu CS3W-395P panels
  • Inverter (Battery) 3 x 20kW Selectronic inverters
  • Racking Fixed (Clenergy)