An exciting milestone has been achieved during the construction of the Yadlamalka Energy Project, with the first pile being installed.

NG/E are constructing the project for the Yadlamalka Energy Trust and SwitchCo.

Yadlamalka Energy is a grid scale battery storage and co-located Solar PV facility, near Yadlamalka Station, in a high sunshine area, South Australia. Using breakthrough technology in the form of vanadium flow batteries (VFB), first developed at the University of NSW in the 1980s, these batteries are medium duration energy storage (4 hours plus), highly efficient and durable. The project combines an 8 MWh VFB with a 6MWp solar array.

Through using breakthrough technology in the form of vanadium flow batteries, we can deliver strong, economic infrastructure benefit to South Australia and at the same time support a low carbon economy.

The project is located in Port Pirie, South Australia.